Source: Ravelings (1952) Ad:

North Manchester  Indiana

Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

We have everything for Everybody in Saddlery
And we know what you need.
We should--we've been in the business for 27 years.

Schutz Bros., Inc.
Saddlery & Firearms
Just North of N. Manchester, Ind.

Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

Schutz Brothers, Local Gunsmiths

To my knowledge, there are only 2 others like it in the United States," said Robert Sherer, current gunsmith at North Manchester.

The Schutz  Brothers have acquired a unique rifle barrel machine since Sherer came to work for them in 1969. His first project was to design and build a rifle barrel making machine similar to two others that he has designed and built.

The machine took 1½ years to make. Sherer has been making his own rifle barrels at Schutz  Brothers for about 2 years now. He is not easily visible. He built the machine in the room where it now stands and it nearly fills the entire room. Either the machine or the building will have to be taken apart to ever remove it.

Sherer made a rifle barrel that won a gold medal in the 1968 Olympics. "The 300 meter Rifle Shoot was the only place the United States got in the Rifle Olympics," said Sherer.

Ed Hoffman, another employee won 12th place in the nation at the National Benchrest Shooters Association this month. Sherer participated also but isn't telling how he did.

Schutz Brothers really have two stores in one. As one walks into the shop, the smells of new leather is overwhelming. Leather is literally everywhere hanging from the ceilings even! One is not as readily aware of the gun display at the north end.

Dick and Don Schutz started the Saddlery and Firearms business in February 1946. "We thought we would try making our hobbies our business," said Don. Dick's hobby was collecting guns. Don's hobby was leather.