Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973 Centennial Section

Shepherd's Chevrolet Since 1968

Two Shepherds came to North Manchester not to watch over their flock but to sell Chevrolets and Buicks. One Shepherd was "sore afraid" so he stayed with his well established business in Winamac, Indiana.

Jack Pinney Chevrolet had been in business for 25 years in North Manchester. It was for sale in 1968. Three Shepherd brothers decided to buy it. Who were these Shepherds and where did they come from?

Bill was an older brother in the Chevrolet-Buick business in Winamac, Indiana. He introduced the auto business to the Shepherd family in 1948. Tom began working for Bill as a salesman in 1955.

Amazingly enough, the auto business didn't stop with brothers. There was some infiltration to a sister. Bob began working for a brother-in-law in 1961 who was also in the auto business in Knox.

Tom and Bob decided they had learned all they could learn from their brother and brother-in-law about the auto business. They wanted their own. When Jack Pinney Chevrolet became available, the three Shepherds bought it.

Bill participated as a financial partner in the beginning years. Bob and Tom managed the business and now own it themselves.

Bob and Tom knew the "sales ropes" from top to bottom. They concentrated on extensive training programs for their sales people. They continued with the same employees that had been in Pinney Chevrolet, their experience proved helpful.

Changes in 1969 include a complete used car lighting system, blacktopping surface, remodeling show rooms and relocating offices. A new wrecker was also purchased in 1969.

In 1970, the body shop was moved to 5th Street. The latest in engine analysis equipment was purchased in 1971.

"We want to sell cars like we would like to be sold," said Bob. Their motto is evidently successful. Shepherds have sold 6,000 cars new and used cars during their 5 year stint in North Manchester. Total sales in 1972 was 3 million dollars.

Shepherds have 23 employees. They include 5 people working in sales, 3 in the body shop, 2 in parts, 2 in used car reconditioning, 3 in office, 5 technicians, one each in as a custodian, a service writer and a service manager. Total payroll in 1972 was $250,000.

Source: North Manchester Chamber of Commerce Booklet (1986)

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