Source: North Manchester Journal, November 9, 1893

Change of Firm.
The old and well known grocery house of J.M. Jennings was on Monday sold and transferred to the firm of Smith & Douglass, composed of Fred. Smith of the opera house flour and feed store, and W.C. Douglass, the well known lumberman. The change is not much of a surprise as it has been known that Mr. Jennings has desired to sell out for some time in order to locate in Chicago. Mr. Jennings has been in business here for twenty years, beginning near the site of the present store in a very humble way but by untiring energy he has built up a large and prosperous business. He tells us he is very sorry to leave his trade as he has hosts of friends here and many customers who have traded with him since the day he first began business. He thinks he can do better in Chicago and as the almighty dollar is what Mr. Jennings, like everyone else, is looking after, it is proper that he should do the best he can for himself. He will open a grocery on the corner of St. Lawrence avenue and 43d street, Chicago, near where he has been conducting a restaurant business all summer, and says the outlook is good for a very profitable business. We are sorry to see such an energetic and enterprising business man leave the city but wish him the greatest success in his new field. He will open his store in about thirty days. Frank Bonewitz, who has been with him for so long, accompanies him to Chicago but the others of his force, including Horace Sheets the popular baker, Lithe Grossnickle and Harry Mentzer, remain with the new firm who have also secured Elmo Kohser to look after the lunch counter department. Of the new firm we will say that they are two very popular and business-like young men who have the confidence of the public in a large degree. That they will do a good business goes without saying and they will certainly gain on the large trade they have succeeded to. Our wishes for prosperity are extended them.

Source: North Manchester Journal, November 16, 1893 Notice:

Having purchased the grocery and bakery of J.M. Jennings, we wish to announce to the public that we are ready for business, and intend to give our patrons such bargains in our line as were never before heard of in North Manchester. We intend to do a strictly cash business, and our goods will be marked down to a cash basis. Persons who pay cash for their goods should buy at a cash store and take advantage of the low prices they are enabled to offer. New goods will begin to arrive soon, and we propose to make our store the leading grocery of this city. The bakery department will receive special attention, and our patrons may rest assured that we will furnish them the best in this line and at the lowest prices, fresh bread, pies, cakes, etc. every day. Our lunch counter will be always supplied with all the market affords. Fresh oysters always on hand. If you appreciate the finest goods at the lowest prices, call and be convinced that we are offering greater bargains than ever before offered you.
Hoping to see you in our store, we remain,
Successors to J.M. Jennings.

Source: Wabash County Directory for 1894, Display Ad:

South Side Main Street, North Manchester, Ind.

Source: North Manchester Journal, July 11, 1907

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Every Day!
Smith's Cash Grocery Has Everything That is Good to Eat. NUF SAID.
Give Us Your Next Order. Both Telephones.
C.F. Smith, Your Grocer

C.F. Smith Grocery, 203 E. Main St., North Manchester

Source: North Manchester Journal, September 15, 1910

Smith Grocery Open.
C.F. Smith opened his new grocery in West Main street Monday, and is starting with a good business. He is stocking the place with a full line of fresh groceries, and will be able to supply his customers with the best at all times. He operates a private delivery system, and will deliver goods to all parts of town. George Shoemaker, who has had considerable experience in the grocery business, will work for him.

Source: North Manchester Journal, September 15, 1910

Smith's Grocery!
West Main Street.  Both Phones.
We are now open for business, having opened Monday with a new and complete line of Groceries, Vegetables and Fruits. We will handle the best line of Canned Goods in town. The famous Middleton Steam Bread fresh each day. Try a 10 cent loaf of Nutrine. We have our own delivery and make prompt deliveries. Telephone your order from any part of town and receive the goods promptly. Eel River phone No. 319     Rex No. 225.
Farmers-We Want Your Butter and Eggs and Will Pay Highest market Price.
C.F. SMITH, Your Grocer.