Source: NMHS Newsletter, May 1987


By Edna L. Heeter


Alongside the former J. B. Williams Drug Store on the south side of Main Street in the early 1900’s, there remains the memory of a small, wood frame building used for the shoe repair business.  Ollie Speed and her husband, Peter B. were busy people.  Even then there were pressures which often rang out from the little shop to “get it done” in plenty of time!  Working hard at their jobs, the Speeds won the hearts of everyone in town.


Battered, wooden chairs out front, to rest Ollie’s “leather like” hands and talk a spell with passers-by, probably added to the good will of the town.


The little shop eventually collapsed from wear, but along the brick wall where the drug store sign is still visible, (when the sun shines right) remain the memories of Ollie and her husband, and of the little shop that was so-o-o crowded that you just stood at the doorway with your shoes.

Source: North Manchester Journal, May 9, 1907

New Shoe Shop!
Having fitted up the room formerly occupied as the marble shop, corner Main and Market streets, with a first-class stock of leather and tools, I am prepared to do all kinds of shoe repairing and making shoes to order. I solicit a share of your patronage. Guarantee first class work and prices low as any. Special attention given to repairing ladies' fine shoes.