Source: North Manchester Journal, January 14, 1897

W.F. Spiker. It was a lucky day for North Manchester when the Wabash elevator at this place passed into the control of Mr. W.F. Spiker, a young and enterprising young man who may be depended on by the farming community tributary to North Manchester to pay the highest market price in cash for grain, baled hay and straw and field seeds. Mr. Spiker controls three elevators, one in North Manchester, another at Spiker and yet another at Liberty Mills. These three elevators have a combined storage capacity of 135,000 bushels, and should 1897 prove a good crop year there is no doubt all of them will be crowded to their utmost limit. Mr. Spiker is indifferent to competition as he has the confidence of the farming community and is determined to pay the highest possible prices for all kinds of grain.