Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

Squire Shop on Main Street Since 1969

The Squire Shop has been a Main Street attraction since the summer of 1969.

The men's and boy's clothing store is located in the former Brady building where men's clothing had been offered for many years.

The business was opened in 1969 under the ownership of Van Reiff and James Boardman. Boardman had previously been involved in an auto business in Bourbon while Reiff had been widely known as a salesman for Surge dairy equipment.

Since its opening, the store has gradually expanded its lines and improved both quality and quantity for merchandise offered.

Starting out as a men's store, the business soon developed a line of clothing for young boys when they realized the demand.

As the Squire Shop continues its fourth year on Main Street, it looks forward to continuing to offer quality merchandise to men and boys in North Manchester.

The Squire Shop was located on south side of Main Street, to the left in the photo.

South side of Main Street, North Manchester