The Standard Station, located on the southeast corner of Main and Mill Streets, was owned by Wayne Ruse and Lorin Badskey in the mid 1930s. In the 1940s this station was replaced by a modern porcelain gas station, built with two lifts inside to service vehicles. For the first time cars were hand washed, cleaned inside and out in the east bay. Also farm tractor and truck tire repairs were done. During WWII when one received rations for gas and other items, Lorin Badskey would rent a semi and drive to Chicago to purchase tires and gloves for local customers. Pictured in the photo L to R--Wayne Ruse, Chuck Gaebler and Lorin Badskey. The station was sold to Clem and Lawrence Westafer in 1947. Click here for Westafer ads.

Standard Station Owned by Wayne Ruse and Lorin Badskey, North Manchester