Source: Harry Leffel, "Straws in the Wind," News-Journal, ca. 1965

The Strauss firm of four generations, has been in various types of business in North Manchester since shortly after the Civil War. Three brothers came to Indiana from Ohio, and for a time worked as millers for John Comstock at his mill in Liberty Mills. Daniel located in North Manchester; Jacob, who changed the spelling to Strouse, at Laketon; and Adam at Huntington. Daniel Strauss and Henry Arnold bought the flour mill in the southwest part of North Manchester in 1879. Daniel sold his interest in 1888 to two sons, John Wesley and Ervin Strauss, and Ervin sold his interest to his brother in 1893. The Arnold interest in the business passed to successive owners, Isaac Shock and Charles Rudig; then to Samuel Hamilton. Others who bought an interest were Jesse J. Tyler, David Hamilton, A.D. and I.E. Gingerick, and John Isenbarger. J.W. Strauss sold his interest to Charles Wright and Al Dohner in 1910.

Daniel Strauss while he owned the mill had opened an uptown feed store with Isaac Shock a partner part of the time. He soon became sole owner of the business and then it passed to J.W. Strauss. J.W. Strauss also was interested in other business enterprises: a partner in the Swank Monument Shop that started on the old Bee Hive lot; in saw mills, and in connection with the feed store, he added coal and ice to the business. When he severed his interest in the mill, he installed feed grinding equipment. When timber became scarce, Mr. Strauss acquired a tract of timberland near Manchester, Tennessee, and moved his mill there. He operated that mill for a number of years. Mr. Strauss died January 18, 1949.

Arden Strauss who became a member of the firm in 1914, continued the business, and of late years his son, Donald, has been a partner in the firm. They have added heating oil, fertilizer, and commercial chicken production to the business in recent years.