Source: North Manchester Journal, January 18, 1894

Al Tilman's steam peanut roaster blew up Monday noon causing a general wreck of the machine. It has now been repaired and again turns out hot peanuts as well as before.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 14, 1897, Ads:

Remember Tilman's restaurant is the best place for meals and lunch [112 E. Main].
Lunch, cigars, fruits and confectionary--the best in town--at Tilman's restaurant.
When you are in town remember that Tilman's restaurant, two doors west of the post office, is the best place to get dinner or a lunch of any kind.

Source: North Manchester Journal, May 28, 1897

IT'S COLD. Tilman's ice cream is the best in flavor and quality. You can buy it by the dish or gallon. I also keep a full line of Confectionary AND CIGARS & TOBACCO.
I make a specialty of my Lunch Counter.
Meals are prepared by the best cook in the city. Don't forget me when you feel that your stomach needs refilling.
A.S. Tilman