Source: North Manchester Journal, September 9, 1909

A New and Complete Jewelry Store
Will Be Open to the Public on
Saturday, Sept. 11, '09
Owing to disappointments our stock will not be complete, but come in and get acquainted.
We are modernly equipped to do watch, clock and jewelry repairing promptly.
Earle R. Tyler,
Shady Side of Main Street.

Source: North Manchester Journal, September 16, 1909

Jewelry Store Open.
Earle Tyler opened his handsome new jewelry store on East Main Street to the public Saturday evening, and had a busy time entertaining his many callers and showing the appointments of the new place. The store is equipped with the latest style of furniture for the purpose used, all being finished in mahogany. Earle recently graduated from a school in watch repairing and jewelry work, and is equipped with a full outfit of tools for his work. Saturday evening and all of this week people have been complimenting him on the handsome appearance of his new place.

Source: Aurora (1910) Ad:

Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing

Source: North Manchester Journal, December 12, 1912 Ad:

Great Opportunity!
Special Holiday Prices
From now until Christmas you can buy your gifts at Tyler's Jewelry Store at prices less than anywhere else. We are going to give our customers Special Holiday Sale prices on all lines.
We want more people in the community to get acquainted with the high grade goods we carry and the low prices that we ask for them.
Now is the time to buy that watch. Get a high grade time piece for the price of a cheap one.
We have never handled any "JUNK," therefore our Special low prices can not deceive you, for we offer you the best grade of goods that can be had.
Come in and let's get acquainted. Eventually we will, why not now?
Earle R. Tyler
North Manchester, Indiana

Advertising (left side) circa 1910 on Old Opera Curtain (After Restoration):

Advertising circa 1910 on old Opera Curtain (Restored), N. Manchester