Source: North Manchester Journal, July 13, 1905 Notice:

Change in Firm

A deal was made this week by which there is a change in the ownership of the Hays store, one of the leading and popular business places of the town. Lew P. Urschel, who has been located at Denver, Colorado, for some time past, has returned to this city and has bought a half interest in the business. The firm was formerly Hays & Son and Mr. Urschel has purchased the interest owned by R.F. Hays, who died recently, and the father of Harry Hays, the other member of the firm. The terms of the deal and amount of the transaction have not been made public as yet but an invoice of the stock will be commenced in a day or two. The new firm will be known as Hays & Urschel and will be a strong one. Both are active, hustling and popular young men with many friends. Mr. Urschel has been connected with the retail shoe business for several years and thoroughly understands merchandizing in all its branches. The Journal bespeaks great success and business popularity for the boys.

Source: North Manchester Journal, September 30, 1909 Notice:

Hays & Urschel have added a new department to their store and the basement of the building has been fitted for handling chinaware and novelties. It has been well arranged and gives the firm a much better opportunity for the display of these lines than they have had before, the basement room being one of the most attractive of the entire store.

Source: North Manchester Journal, August 15, 1912

Will Move Stock of Hardware into His Present Store

A trade was made Monday by which L.P. Urschel buys the entire stock of hardware and linoleum of Fred Kline, who succeeded Harry Hays, and the goods are being invoiced this week. As soon as the invoice is completed these goods will be moved to the L.P. Urschel store and added to the stock he already has. Mr. Kline will then increase his stock of dry goods and will continue business in that line. Before coming to this city he was an experienced dry goods man, and has found that the hardware and dry goods lines do not suit him together, consequently he and Mr. Urschel have made the trade that both think will be profitable, and by which they believe they can better serve the wants of their customers. In a few days the stock of hardware will be moved, and then Mr. Kline will devote his time to developing the dry goods part of the business, having more room for the stock.

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Urschel's Bargain Store

The Urschel Bargain Store was organized by Harry Hayes and Son. The Son succeeded his father and took in as a new partner, L.P. Urschel, the present owner. After five years of partnership business, Mr. Urschel became the sole proprietor and has now been operating as such for seventeen years.

The Urschel Store is a department store, carrying complete lines of shoes, dry goods, rugs and linoleum, hosiery, underwear, and work clothing. In addition the rear of the store is given to a complete hardware stock. Mr. Urschel's buying power is increased because of the various departments for which he buys. His prices are always below the average.

Urschel's Sign, 1938, North Manchester

Urschel's Sign, North Manchester

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