Source: North Manchester Journal, January 12, 1893

The Roanoke correspondent of the Huntington Herald says: "J.W. Van Arsdol is removing his tailoring establishment to North Manchester this week. He has purchased the only tailor shop in that city and expects to do a good business. Mr. V. is a progressive and pushing citizen and will be liked wherever he goes. He will be missed in the church, social and business circles of our town. We wish and predict for him success in his new home. His family will remain here for a short time owing to his inability to rent a house."

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 17, 1893

  J.W. VanArsdol, of Roanoke, was in the city Thursday evening, and to the Herald remarked: "Tomorrow, I shall take charge of the merchant tailoring enterprise which I have purchased at North Manchester and as soon as a residence can be secured will move my family." Mr. VanArsdol's departure from this county is a regret to not only the Herald but to many others who have claimed him as a resident ever since his birth. He has resided in the county all his life with the exception of a period in his school teaching days when he was in Iowa. While he was in business at Markle he was the Herald's valued correspondent and his numerous favors placed the office under lasting obligations to him. That he will succeed admirably at North Manchester is almost a certainty. Since taking his course in New York as a cutter, he has not failed to make a perfect fit, and this being the case, he cannot fail to give his patrons satisfaction. He has gone to a thrifty town and the Herald trusts he may never see the day when he will regret locating there. --Huntington Herald.

Source: North Manchester Journal, March 9, 1893

J.W. Van Arsdol,
FASHIONABLE Merchant Tailor
Will hereafter be found in the room
1 Door East of Williams' Store,
With a full line of SPRING GOODS!

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 4, 1894

A Suit of Clothes, An Overcoat, A Pair of Pants,
or Gents' Furnishings Of any Kind.

We have some bargains for you. Come and see our $20.00 suits. Our $18.00 to $25.00 overcoats. And pants at a reduced price. The gents' furnishings must go at and below cost. Come and see.
J.W. VanArsdol

Source: North Manchester Journal, Marcy 22, 1894

Goes to Huntington
The H.G. Tucker merchant tailoring establishment was sold Saturday to J.W. Van Arsdol, of North Manchester, who took possession of the business last Monday. Mr. Van Arsdol, who is a Huntington man by birth and "pride of allegiance," conducted a prosperous business at Roanoke and Markle before locating at North Manchester, and at the last named place has built up an immense business. This he will leave in charge of Ed Robinson and another gentleman. The entire building in which the Tucker establishment was located has been leased and Mr. Van Arsdol and his family will probably reside in the up-stairs flat. The new proprietor, who learned the cutter's trade in New York, is destined to do a thrifty business in his new venture. We wish him abundant success. --Huntington Herald.

This announcement will be something of a surprise to Mr. Van Arsdol's friends here. He has not been at home for several days, but from his employees we learn the truth of the above paragraph. Mr. Van Arsdol, while he will move his family to Huntington, expects to conduct his tailor shop here, and will divide his time between the two. We wish him success in his new venture.