Source: North Manchester Journal, April 24, 1890

No locality is exempt from these devastating storms. Insure now against all loss or damage by such destructive visitations with
J.P. WATKINS, Agent.

Source: North Manchester Journal, October 26, 1893

Watkins & Smith expect to get into their office on Walnut street in a few days. They have been delayed waiting on new carpet and furniture and when everything is in place they expect to have a very fine place.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 11, 1894

Watkins & Smith have organized the Tri-County Loan Agency and will loan money in any sum desired. They have the prospect of doing a very large business in this line and are pushing their business into the territory of Wabash, Whitley and Kosciusko counties.

Source: Wabash County Directory for 1894, Display Ad:

Loans made on Farm and City Property in all parts of the County.
We have the very best Life and Fire Insurance Cos. that are doing business in the United States.
We also act as agents in the purchase and sale of Real Estate, and are prepared to transact any and all business of this character.
Watkins & Smith, Managers

Source: North Manchester Journal, June 19, 1902

J.P. Watkins Acquitted of the Charge of Embezzlement After a Hot Legal Battle.

One of the warmest legal fights ever seen in a justice court in this city took place before 'Squire Abbott last Thursday afternoon in the Watkins embezzlement case. Mr. Watkins was agent for the Delaware and Reliance Insurance Company and had failed to pay over to the company premium money collected by him amounting to something near $200. Adolph Meyer, one of the company's agents, caused the arrest of Mr. Watkins on the charge of embezzlement.

Mr. Watkins retained Thompson Arnold, of this city, and T.R. Marshall, of Columbia City, to defend him, while the state was represented by C.A. Sala and Mr. Wiltsey, an Indianapolis lawyer whom the insurance company had brought here to make an especially strong fight. All were able attorneys and the legal tilts during the case were quite hot and interesting, not to say "scrappy" at times. Mr. Watkins established to the satisfaction of the court that he had an arrangement with the company to pay in premium money to a certain extent when he pleased and that the Chicago manager had agreed to give him six months time, thus disposing of the charge of embezzlement, and the justice dismissed the case. Mr. Watkins has told us since that he has arranged to settle in full with the company this week and that they would probably have their money by the time this paper is printed.

The result of the case seems to have given general satisfaction. It was evident from the start that it was a spite work and revenge affair instituted by the company's agent who is seeking to make a reputation for himself with the company as a strict general agent. The fellow's enmity was very apparent at times while he was on the stand.


Source: North Manchester Journal, June 19, 1902

An Insurance Change.
A.C. Shively has bought the insurance business of J.P. Watkins, one of the best established agencies in the country. Mr. Shively is well known here as a bright young man of integrity, and his patrons can feel confident that their interests will be well looked after. He is fitting up two very nice office rooms over Jennings grocery which will be jointly occupied by Mr. Shively and the Little Giant Seeder Co. Mr. Watkins will have desk room with Mr. Shively in order to render him assistance and information from his fifteen years experience in the insurance business. Mr. Watkins will write life and accident insurance here and elsewhere. We bespeak for the gentleman a full measure of success.