Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

22 Years of Smiles From Werking Studio

Smile, Click and your senior picture has just been taken by Werking studio. Fifty percent of Ken Werking's business is school and college senior picture work.

What comprises another 40 percent of his business? No, not weddings but family and children portraits. Surprisingly enough weddings make up only about 10 percent of his work.

Arthur's Studio was established in 1947 at 110 Walnut Street. Werking began his career in that studio in 1951. He bought Arthur's Studio in 1952.

"Seven months after we bought the business a fire nearly wiped us out," said Werking. The studio was rebuilt on the same site.

In 1965, the studio was moved to 217 East Main Street to gain additional floor space. There were 2 stores in that location, a jewelry store and Otho Winger's Taylor and Dry Cleaners business.

The changes in photography have been what one would expect from strictly black and white to 80 percent color in the last 8 years. However, when one surveys the displays, one notices some new interesting pictures.

Werking becomes visibly excited in discussing his latest ventures into environmental photography. People can choose their favorite outdoor settings for the background of individual or family portraits. He becomes the mobile photographer.

Another type of picture that has become popular is the multiple exposure. A picture may have 2, 3 or 4 exposures on the same picture for some very interesting effects. He has examples of both weddings and portraits with this effect.

A picture of softness is the best way to describe the "Misty." Werking says that soft focus lighting is used to soften the lines in the picture.

Phyllis Werking has perfected skills in hand coloring pictures through the years. She attended Fort Wayne Art School to pick up techniques when the store began. She has also attended a refresher course at Winona.

Werking's daughter, Kris, has also been involved in the family business. She is a college junior and took her first wedding in 1970. It was the wedding of her 4-H Photography leader's daughter.

Aerial photography during Air Force days led Werking to a photography career. After service he attended Progressive School of Photography in Portrait, Commercial and Direct Color.

Source: North Manchester Chamber of Commerce Booklet (1986)

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