Source: North Manchester Journal, January 17, 1893

Daniel Swank called our attention to the fact that one of the oldest, if not the very oldest, graveyard in this vicinity is turned out to the commons without fence or protection from stock that roam over it at will and have broken down many tombstones that at one time marked the resting places of some of the pioneers of the country. The land when the cemetery was established belonged to Michael Knoop. It has since his death been owned by different ones and is now owned by Henry Cripe. It has been abandoned as a place of burial for many years and several bodies have been removed, but there still remains fifty or perhaps more bodies still there whose friends have died or moved away leaving those once sacred spots to the care of strangers. The good people living in the vicinity, three miles north of town, should see to it that the spot be enclosed. No doubt Mr. Cripe would willingly do his part. They owe it to their own good name to protect the spot from further desecration.