Source: NMHS Newsletter Aug 1997

Cemeteries Near Acme School

In May 1845 a son of Adam Ohmart drowned in Eel river. Nicholas Frantz a neighbor, gave Mr. Ohmart permission to bury the son on the little knoll on his farm, and this was the beginning of what is known as the Frantz Cemetery, one mile west of Acme. More ground was later donated for burial purposes either by Nicholas Frantz or Isaac C. Cripe who came in possession of the farm. This was the main burying ground for the community until 1886

Pleasant Hill Cemetery
D.S.T Butterbaugh gives the following record in his secretary's books: At a meeting in August 1886 the German Baptist Church considered the necessity of a new cemetery and appointed Joseph Crill and Abraham Miller to look for a suitable location. The first ground was purchased from Joseph Crill and Marcus Cupp and was paid for by donations. This was the beginning of what was later named Pleasant Hill Cemetery. More ground has been added from time to time and at present (1927) (it) contains more than eight acres and is being laid out in lots as needed. In 1925 the cemetery was incorporated in the name of the Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association and is controlled by five directors which are elected every two years.

Old Cripe Cemetery
This is a small cemetery containing a few more than a dozen graves and located one fourth mile east of Acme. With the exception of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heeter and Franz Zimmerman, all buried here are members of the Cripe families that owned and lived on this section of land. It is now well fenced and cared for, and I believe is under the care of the township. Burials were between the years of 1845 and 1894.

The Old Brethren Cemetery
This cemetery was founded in the early years of 1880s, is located one mile east and one half mile north of Acme, near the church of the Old Brethren. It is located on ground donated by Jacob Cripe. Here are some of the Butterbaugh, Karns, Cripes, Mishlers, Metzgers and others of the church membership buried. It is owned and well kept by the church.