Source: W.E. Billings, TALES OF THE OLD DAYS (1926), p. 17.

In the fall of 1836 Mr. Harter's son, Eli, came from Ohio, and to him goes the honor of having built the second house in North Manchester, erecting it on the ground now occupied by the J.J. Martin building, west of the city hall. His oldest daughter was the mother of E.L. Lautzenhiser. Another daughter, Phoebe, was the first white child born in North Manchester, and is living today at the home of her son, E.G. Butterbaugh, forming a connecting link between the pioneer days of long ago and today. Along with Eli Harter came Daniel Swank and Martin Knoop. Swank located two miles north of town on what is now the Blickenstaff place. Knoop located in the southern edge of Kosciusko county.