Source: W.E. Billings, Tales of the Old Days (1926), p. 8

The river by the Cook home used to be a great swimming place for the boys from town, but later it has filled with logs and is not so popular, for it is a bit dangerous, the water being pretty deep there. A little farther down the river is what has for years been known as the "Devil's Hole," though hundreds of people who have used that name do not know what started it. In the Indian days it seems that there was sort of spring that shot forth its waters from the bed of the river, probably being the father of the flowing wells that now supply water at the city pumping station. It was a dangerous place in the river and after an Indian had lost his life in the whirl of waters in that hold the tribe named it the Devil's Hole, probably not so much because the dead Indian may have started that way, as because the Indians considered everything bad as coming from the devil.