Source: North Manchester Journal, May 30, 1906


Was Held at the Home of J.H. Butterbaugh on Friday.

The survivors of the Bussard family met at the home of J.H. Butterbaugh on Friday and effected a permanent organization and held their first reunion.

The following officers were elected to serve one year or until the next reunion:

President, T.A. Bussard.
Vice-President, Wesley Bussard.
Secretary, S.A. Noftzger.
Treasurer, Esta Bussard.

The president appointed S.L. Bussard, of New Madison, Ohio, J.W. Bussard of Logansport and E.M. Bussard of this place, a committee to arrange the date and location of the next reunion. They reported the home of L.J. Noftzger and May 23, 1907, which was accepted and the committee discharged.

Mrs. S.A. Noftzger and T.A. Bussard were chosen to prepare a family history to be read at the next meeting.

The day was spent in having a good time and a big dinner was a special feature of the occasion. Tables were set in the house for the older ones present and the younger people were comfortably seated around tables in the yard. The dinner was a most splendid one and the wide reputation of the Bussard family for being liberal providers and good cooks was fully sustained on this occasion. About 144 persons were present.

All enjoyed a good time and after a vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Butterbaugh for courtesies extended, the happy company separated to meet again on May 23, 1907.

Among those present at the reunion from a distance were J. "Wesley" Bussard and wife, Jesse A. Bussard, John Yeakley and wife, Mrs. J. Henry Bussard, Ione Bussard, Mrs. W.O. Fiedler, Mrs. Earnest Fiedler, Logansport, Mrs. R.B. Moon, Chicago; Mrs. A. Kase, George B. Bender, Montpelier, Ohio; A.B. Ulrey and wife, Ashley; Mrs. Irvin, Helen and Harold Williams, Montpelier, Ohio; Ruth and Esther Alleman, Warsaw; J.W. Bussard and wife, Germantown, Ohio; T.L. Groninger, Claypool; George P. Baer and wife, Germantown, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Leander Bussard, New Madison, Ohio; Mrs. Mary Quinn, Peru; Mr. and Mrs. H.L. and Miss Irene Bussard, Mrs. L. Lindemuth, Mrs. Mary Pyle, Germantown, Ohio; Mrs. Addie Snyder, Carrolton, Ohio; Mrs. Susan Bussard, Mr. and Mrs. B.N. Blue, Mr. and Mrs. S. Lindemuth, Bunker Hill; Mrs. Ida Fletcher, Peru; Lettie and Mary Eichelberger, Ora; Mrs. Effie Lutz, Walton; H.G. Groninger, Silver Lake; W.H. Webber and wife, Wabash; C.E. Emrick and wife, Germantown, Ohio; R.L. and O.G. Groninger, Disko; C.J. Butterbaugh and wife, South Whitley; John H. Bussard and family, L.B. Oldfather and wife, Silver Lake.

The ancestors of this family were among the early settlers in America. Peter Bussard was a patriot in the revolutionary war of 1776 and his son Samuel Bussard who was born in Frederick county, Md., in 1789, took an honorable part in the war of 1812 and was in a number of hard fought battles. He was married to Mary Delauter and they were the parents of nine children. Samuel Jr., who came to Montgomery county, Ohio, with his parents in 1831 and to Wabash county seven years later. He was the father of four children, John, deceased; Mrs. H.L. Groninger, Mrs. L.J. Noftzger and Thomas A. Bussard. At the time of his arrival in this county, the country was covered with a dense woods in which bears and deer abounded. His unerring aim enabled him to kill four bears after coming here. He died December 30, 1883.

Jacob was the next son. He came to Wabash county in 1840 and was the father of eleven children, of whom five survive, Sarah Lowery of Iowa, Mrs. Frank Delauter of this city, Guilford Bussard, of Canada, Mrs. J.H. Butterbaugh and Ellis Bussard.

Peter Bussard resided at Germantown, Ohio.

Wesley Bussard was a resident of this city for many years and is survived by five children, Naz and Joe Bussard, Mrs. P.B. Speed, Mrs. William Ford of this place, and Joshua Bussard residing in Ohio.

Mary Oldfather lived west of town and died many years ago. Two children still survive, Levi Oldfather of Silver Lake and Mrs. V. Bolin of Missouri.

Mrs. Caroline Lantz was one of the best known members of the Bussard family. She died in 1887 and three children still survive, Mrs. Albert Wilson, Mrs. W.H. Webber and Sam Lantz, of Wabash.

Adam Bussard lived in Pleasant township and his four sons, Leander J., Joshua, Esta and John reside in this locality.

John Bussard lived at Bunker Hill, and his children are Mary Quinn of Peru, Sarah Blue and Ora Bussard of Bunker Hill, Effie Lutz of Walton, and Letta Eichelberger of Fulton county.

Lydia Bussard died at Farmersville, Ohio.


A number of the Ohio visitors remained over Sunday and will visit at Logansport and Bunker Hill before returning home.

Perhaps no one enjoyed the event more than H.L. Groninger. Uncle Hen as he is generally known has been in poor health all winter and has been in town but a few times in several months past. His jovial disposition would make fun for a whole regiment.

Some one asked about the nationality of the family and Mrs. Ada Wilson states that Samuel Bussard Sr. was of English descent and his wife was Irish.

Mrs. H.L. Groninger is the oldest member of the Bussard family living and Mrs. Letta Eichelberger of Fulton county, the youngest.

The company was photographed by J.E. Crill, the artist on Main street, and a fine picture was secured.