News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

Wright Family In Area 100 Years

The Wright family name has been familiar in the North Manchester area for well over 100 years. Several grandchildren of Peter Wright remain in the community.

Peter and James, twin brothers, were the oldest of a large family born to William and Eva Rhinehart Wright of Preble County, Ohio. The twins were born on May 20, 1821.

Four of the Wright family moved to Chester Township in the 1840s or 50s and settled on farms southeast of Servia.

The four who moved were Peter, John, Jacob and Elizabeth. Elizabeth later married Milton Gill.

Peter married Catherine Brower of North Manchester in 1844. They operated a farm one mile south of Servia and raised a family of nine children who lived long lives and contributed to the history of North Manchester and Chester Township.

The nine Wright children were William, David, John, Elizabeth, Albert, Isaiah, Dora, Franklin and Marion.

William stayed with farming and married Harriet Ann Garber. They had a family of nine children but only five grew to maturity. The five were Ludivico, Clifton, Harry, Karl and Harriet Lewis.

David was also a farmer and his children were Frank, Peter, Grace Cripe and Pearl Shock.

John became a minister and elder in The Church of the Brethren. He served in various churches in central Indiana and also did some farming and teaching in his early life. He married Lucinda Shock and they had two children. Their daughter Della died from burns in 1902 and the other daughter became Etta Butterbaugh.

Elizabeth remained at home and became a seamstress.

Albert became a minister and elder in the Church of the Brethren. He also spent some time as a teacher and store clerk. His son Glenn became a dentist in North Manchester and present day lawyer Eldon Wright is Albert's great-grandson.

Isaiah was a minister of the First Brethren Church and he also managed a grain and feed elevator. His children were Coryn, Ruby and Lois Brown.

Dora married Dr. Harve E. Misner. Their stepchildren were Walter Misner and Claudia Kelsey.

Franklin helped his father farm for awhile then he moved to Ft. Wayne and to Phoenix, Arizona where he was manager of a creamery. He moved to Pasadena, California for retirement. His children are Vernon and Ester Renaud.

Marion became a welldriller and pump repairman. His children were Walter, Robert, Lucile, Ralph and Grace.

Peter Wright's grandchildren now living are Karl Wright, Calif.; Harriet Lewis, Denver, Indiana; Pearl Shock, Goshen, Ruby Wright and Lois Brown, Scottsdale, Arizona; Robert, Lucille and Grace Wright, North Manchester and Ralph Wright of Roanoke.

Several great grandchildren live in the North Manchester area and others are scattered across the United States.