Source: Ruth Brubaker, Laketon - Yesterday and Today For the Years 1836-1976, pp. 130-1.


The village blacksmith was a very important person in all areas in the early years. Today we have the welders who are just as important. But when horses were used more the blacksmith was one who could not be done without.

There have been several in Laketon since its founding. The first is thought to have been George Hoover in 1850. With next being Alexander Duncan. Also known that in 1884 David Warner was in the town. Others were Peter Hager, Peter Hawk, Harve Crill, Mr. Kegg, Holmes Harmon, Luther Jones, Mr. Rodgers, Joseph Yantes, Mr. Long, Mr. Teal and William Siberts in 1894-1928.

It is said that Wag Day owned a shop located where the Wesleyan Methodist Church is and that Albert Davis was at the forge in 1897-98.

William Siberts was located on Main Street. His son Floyd is still a blacksmith along with his machine shop in Collamer, Indiana at the present time.

Esta Frantz came to Laketon about 1917 having a shop located where Bob Ohmarts garage is. Tom Sickafus worked with him for a short time.

Tom Whirley had a shop located where the D & M Machine Shop is today. It is thought that Whirley moved his building in. Sometime later Ed Holeman bought out Mr. Whirley and ran a blacksmith shop and later a machine shop. Sometime later Mr. Holeman built the present building.

Ed Holeman is though to have been the last blacksmith in Laketon. It is believed he closed his small shop on the south side of the M.J. Ulsh building in 1946.