Source: Ruth M. Brubaker, THE HISTORY OF PLEASANT TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS 1835-1962 (1979), pp. 98-99.

At one time there were as many as ten different churches in Pleasant Township. Some have stayed on and are growing as time goes on. But others have long gone.

The early churches were located fairly close together for travel was not easy. Shiloh, located north of Roann but still close enough that many went from this township, was Presbyterian. Disko had one in town and still has the United Methodist. There was one east of Disko that for a time would hold their meetings in the old Disko school. They later built their own and the brick building still stands, but it has been some years since it has been used for a church. It was used last as a dwelling, and it has been several years since anyone has lived there.

The one north on state road 15, South Pleasant, has been there for a number of years. It is also a United Methodist now. There is also one at what was known as Rose Hill, but this is called North Pleasant church and it is Lutheran. The one two miles west of North Manchester is the Church of the Brethren, but for years before it was divided it was the German Baptist. But now they have their own on state road 13, a white frame church. [Ed: The West Manchester Church of the  Brethren building and property including the old Acme schoolhouse was purchased by a German Baptist group in 2012]

The people south of Laketon wanted one close by so one was built close to the cemetery and this is a Christian Church. Not many attend it, but it is kept up and they have Sunday afternoon meetings.

Ijamsville has a brick church that the people attend. It too is United Methodist now but was for many years just Methodist.

Laketon itself has two churches--The United Methodist and the Wesleyan. These both are in good shape and hope to be there for many more years.

Out to the far west of the township on the Miami County line is the Niconza Baptist Church that people from this township and the next come to.