Source: Ruth Brubaker, LAKETON--YESTERDAY AND TODAY FOR THE YEARS 1836-1976 (1976), p. 149-150.


This bridge was built in 1874 and was a big help to many people of the town and community. It would help do away with fording the river and when the river would be high people could still get to Laketon.

In the early days like many other bridges some horse would become frightened and this often gave many problems. Charley Kline tells of how in 1900 he and Walter Bender were watching Blondee Berry paint the bridge. Setting on a rock on the south bank, a strong wind came took Charley's hat. Charley tried to get it but fell in and Walter had to pull him out as Charley could not swim. There has been many a steam engine and threshing machine go over this bridge.

In the early part when cars were first new, some had problem with the bank. The road was rather rough and some would lose control and of course the road was narrow. In 1920 Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson had this happen to them and they had Daniel Thompson with them. No one was hurt too bad but Mrs. Thompson did get scalded by the hot water.

There have been accidents as late as 1936. Mr. Bob Kline was using a team of horses with a farm implement. They became frightened and Mr. Kline was thrown to the pavement. He was not hurt badly, but was sore for a time.

Even with the bad thing that had happened with the bridge it was a very sad day when in 1956 this bridge was taken from the town. Some of the town people tried to save it but the County Officials would not let it stand, not even so people could just walk on it.

People still wonder why it had to be. For these kind of landmarks are hard to find. It is the hope that this may not happen to all the old wooden bridges. For the time will come when the townspeople of Laketon would like to take a walk, and if nothing else but just to look at and remember the old wooden covered bridge.