Source: Ruth M. Brubaker, THE HISTORY OF PLEASANT TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS 1835-1962 (1979), pp. 101-102.

Also a very important person in the early days of the township was the Doctor, even if he was not too easy to find at times and it is not too much different today. There never seems to be enough Doctors to go around. Some of the early Doctors were Dr. P. Bender, William Marshall, Depew, Dr. Clymer, Dr. Miner, Dr. Sampson, Dr. Waddell. Dr. Pete Bender in 1859 was a physician in Laketon for twenty-three years, becoming rather feeble in 1882.

Dr. Mooney was in Laketon from 1876-1905. Many of the older people remember him.

But the one that many did remember was Dr. Wells, M.D. and Surgeon. He came to Laketon in 1881 and was there for a good many years. Dr. Wells and family lived for a good many years where the old hotel was and in 1914 he passed away.

His office was where the Laketon Bank was and also where Mary's Sundries is now.

About 1914-15 Dr. Eicholtz came to town. Just how long he was there is not known.

Dr. Wilson is thought to have come to Laketon about 1916. There were three children in the family. The one daughter married Duane DeLancey of North Manchester and lived there until she died in 1976. Dr. Wilson died in 1923.

Dr. Wilson lived where Mr. and Mrs. Don Kistler had lived until they built their new home. It is believed that a Mr. King lives there now.

Dr. Snyder was in Laketon in 1942 and lived where Mrs. Bruce Fulton now lives.

As to just when Dr. Danley was in Laketon is not known but it was only a short time. He also lived where Dr. Wilson had lived.

The last doctor for Laketon was Dr. Joe F. Beckner and he left in 1936. It is sorry to say but there has been no doctor in Laketon since then. When someone needs a doctor, they have to go to another town.