Ruth M. Brubaker, THE HISTORY OF PLEASANT TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS 1835-1962 (1979), pp. 89-90.



As Laketon is the principal village of Pleasant Township it is interesting to know something about the history of its founders.

Col. Hugh Hanna, one of the original proprietors, was in his day one of the best known and popular men in this community. For many years one could hear his name in almost every home in Wabash County. He was born near Georgetown, in Scott County, Kentucky, on the 26th day of July, 1799. In 1804, the family moved to Dayton, Ohio and in that place and Troy he grew into manhood. His education was not of the best for there was no way to take advantage of schooling. But with what he had gained is very accurate knowledge of practical things necessary. to carry on an active life. On January 22nd, 1824, he married Elizabeth Everly and the following year moved his family to Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was engaged in the business of house furnishing and cabinet-making. In the spring of 1834, he and Col. David Burr laid out the plan for Wabash and settled there the next year. Shortly after he purchased Mr. Burr's interest and became sole proprietor. In September of 1836, he, with Hon. Jesse L. William, engaged in the enterprise of laying out the village of Laketon. Col. H. Hanna was a member of the Free and Accepted Masons. He was married twice. The second time in 1869. Col. Hanna was the first Treasurer of Wabash County. He was buried in Falls Cemetery with the usual ceremonies of the Order of the Free Masons after his death at his home on January 18, 1869.


The Honorable Jacob Cassett was born in Mercer County, Kentucky, on the 9th day of April, 1812. When he was ten years old his family left Kentucky and located in an Indian Settlement. He was married on August 7, 1836, to Louisa Jane Roberts. She died December 26, 1846, at Indianapolis, where he had gone as Representative. Mr. Cassett was afterwards married twice. His second wife lived only a few months. Soon after Wabash County was organized Josiah L. Wynes, the first sheriff of the county, resigned. Mr. Cassett was then appointed and the next election was chosen to fill the place, but he resigned before the term expired. He was chosen representative of Wabash county in 1846. The next year he was elected Sate Senator and served during three succeeding sessions. He also filled other offices of less importance. While he was in State Legislature, he introduced the bill by which the town of Wabash was incorporated. He was one of the founders of Laketon.


There is not much to be said about Isaac Thomas. As there are no known details about that man. The only thing that could be found was he was the County Agent in 1833.


Ira Burr was one of the first merchants of Laketon. He was the first Auditor of Wabash County. He served as County Commissioner from 1836 to 1840. The first school in the county was taught by him.