Source: Ruth Brubaker, LAKETON - YESTERDAY AND TODAY FOR THE YEARS 1836-1976, pp. 80-81.


Hotels were important to people who lived in Laketon during the early life of the town. Boarding houses and hotels were used then like we think of motels of today. Only every little or big town or village had its own hotel. For just as today people had to stay overnight in their travels.

Laketon is known to have had one boarding house, ran by Mrs. Bender in 1897-98. There were more but as to who had them it is not known for sure.

The hotel lasted for some years. The first one was kept by Mrs. Lowery and it is thought the second was L.P. Kampbells. Denise Lotzenhiser had a hotel in 1865-75, where Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wolfe now live.

Mrs. William Henry and Mrs. Henry Ogden also had hotels but just where they were located it is not known for sure.

The house where Mr. and Mrs. George Tucker live was a hotel for years and was the last one as far as is known.

Mr. Sherman White had it last in the early 1900s. Lee Rager, daughter of Mr. White, tells she remembers how one had to leave the door unlocked so the guest could come and go freely.

This was then used as a home for several different families. But in 1944 E.E. Clingenpeel bought the building and took the top story off, making a more modern home of one story.

It is known that during the time Dr. Wells lived there, Perry Warren fell into the basement and was drowned.