Source: Ruth M. Brubaker, THE HISTORY OF PLEASANT TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS 1835-1962 (1979), pp. 77-78.


It is known that this paper was printed in 1881 and as to just how long it lasted is not known for sure.

The copies Mr. Albert Sims of Laketon has tells us that on July 30, 1881, "The Laketon Free Press", with the proprietor, Will A. Wells, Assistant Editor, J.W. Thompson, and Manager, George N. Sewell. The creed of the paper was "Independence, Fearless, and True."

Mr. Sims has another copy that states on August 6, 1881, Mr. George N. Sewell was then the proprietor and the paper was printed every Saturday morning above the Thompson Dry Goods store. This paper cost $1.00 per year, paid in advance.

In 1883 Charles A. Richards, a veteran printer established a paper in Laketon called the "Laketon Herald". Where it was printed is now known. But it is known to have had 400 paying subscribers.

He had hoped that his venture would be a pecuniary success. But as to how long this success was, no one knows.