Source: North Manchester Journal, May 25, 1905

BUILDING FOUNDATION: Laketon Sand Brick Company Pushing Its Work.

Nearly all of the foundation for the mills of the Laketon Sand Brick company has been laid and the work of putting up the building will be in progress in a very few days. The foundation is being built of cement, the work being done by Showalter & Son, of Wabash, who are interested in the company. The building will be of frame and will later be veneered with brick. Machinery for the manufacture of brick has been bought and is ready for delivery as soon as the building is ready to receive it, which will hardly be for a month yet. The building will be quite a large one, and the foundation is complex in its details, being adapted especially for the machinery that is to be used. A contract has been made with the Erie railroad for a switch and side track to be extended to the east side of the mill, so that good shipping facilities will be afforded.

The building is being erected on the south side of the Erie track, a short distance east of the Standard Oil pumping station. The company has bought thirty acres of land there and has options on a great deal more. South of the building site may be seen the sand hills from which it is intended to make the brick. This sand is very fine, clean and seems to be abundant. Mr. Oyler says that there is enough sand on the thirty acres that belong to the company to keep the mill running for a hundred years. The brick are made from this sand mixed with a small per cent. of line, and as explained before in these columns are quickly ready for market, being dried by steam, and ready for use in the wall the next day after they are moulded.