LAKETON - A TIMELINE  (Ruth Brubaker, LAKETON: YESTERDAY AND TODAY 1836-1976, pp. 18-30)
1832 Wabash County founded.
1834 Wabash City platted.
1836 Pleasant Township formed.
1836 Laketon founded by Hanna, Cassett, and Thomas
1836 The first mill built on Silver Creek by James Cox; one of the first industries in the county.
1838 Dam built on Eel River by William Sewell with hopes of having a mill; Mr. Sewell was caught on logs & drowned.
1838 Laketon post office established.
1842 First school built for District 12 which was at Laketon.
1855 Mill established on Eel River, across from Ijamsville cemetery.
1855 United Brethren Church organized in Laketon.
1857 The first school was abandoned and second school built for Laketon.
1872 Detroit, Eel River and Illinois Railroad built south of Laketon.
1872 Mendenhalls, living a little west of Laketon found some very large bones.
1874 Ijamsville post office established.
1874 J.W. Jordan, Principal at Manchester High School, had an Academy in Laketon, located in the school on the northeast corner of Main and Wayne Streets.
1874 Ijamsville platted by Daniel Van Buskirk.
1874 Covered bridge built over Eel River at the edge of Laketon.
1876 Joseph Woodring was killed over water rights at the sawmill west of Laketon.
1877 School became to small again and the Trustee planned to build a new brick one, having two stories and more room.
1878 New school had a few high school subjects and there were some who got diplomas, including G.N. Moyer.
1880 Laketon Nursery established by Mr. George N. Moyer.
1881 July 30 - The Laketon Free Press Newspaper was printed.
1883 Laketon school had a high school course and first graduation class with four pupils.
1883 The Chicago and Erie Railroad completed; was begun in 1881.
1886 February 13 - Laketon Depot burned. Part of the round house at Newton was used as a depot until new one was built.
1888 Murdered body found in Long Lake.
1888 Construction of the Laketon Pumping Station.
1889 Bad leak in oil tank at pumping station.
1891 Pipeline owned by Standard Oil Co.; Standard owned the Round Lake Summer Resort, exclusively for employees.
1892 Interlocking switch at Laketon junction.
1893 Freeman Fox bought hotel at Newton.
1894 Post office robbed at Laketon.
1894 United Brethren Church built new church; still in use.
1896 Joe West started his meat market.
1896 One of the worst fires in town of Laketon; bigger part of a block was burned.
1897 New school was needed; bonds for a new building issued.
1897 Laketon school house bonds were bought by the Lawrence Bank ($8,000), Trustee Shipely.
1897 S.A. Mow organized the Wesleyan Methodist Church.
1897 School had to open in the old building as the new one not yet ready. Prof. C.R. Kerr, Principal.
1897 Post office at Laketon robbed.
1898 Mill struck by lightning and burned to the ground.
1899 Laketon High School commissioned.
1903 Talk of making cement at Laketon.
1903 Mill sold because of bad management and had gone into receivership.
1903 Wesleyan Methodist built a new church on corner of Mill and Lake Streets.
1904 Talk of a trolley line.
1904-07 Laketon had a brick factory; manufactured white bricks.
1905 U.G. Estep and Miller, owners of the mill, told they could heat, light and power North Manchester.
1906 Lakeside Church, located near Round Lake, burned to the ground.
1907 Dam was felt to be too high and was lowered.
1908 Telephone company moved from the hardware to the brick building on Main Street.
1908 High water washed out the mill dam.
1909 Dam rebuilt but caused a great loss to Mr. Fell.
1909 Laketon let it be known they wanted a bank.
1910 A skeleton was found in Laketon.
1910 Wabash Plain Dealer ran a contest for selling the most papers in this county. Prize was a trip to Europe and won by Mrs. Bernice Sewell Ireland for selling $450.00.
1912 Dam gave way again due to the way it was built.
1912 August 22 - Laketon Bank was started. On August 29, a Directors meeting was held.
1913 June 5 - Hearing on the Erie and Laketon road case. This was the start of the double tracking of the Erie Railroad.
1913 August 7 - Laketon getting two subway crossings.
1913 August 11 - Laketon found they had a bad sink hole west of town.
1913 September 4 - Work started on the building of the Laketon Elevator, for many years known as the Farmers Elevator.
1914 June 4 - Laketon Post Office robbed for the second time.
1914 Second Home Economics Club in the county organized in Laketon.
1915 Laketon thought they might get electricity by rebuilding the dam and having their own plant. But in June the town decided it best to wait on lights.
1916 Bus service was given to Laketon as well as Wabash, North Manchester, Roann, and South Whitley.
1917 Bernice Leel showed ladies how to cold pack vegetables.
1917 April - Laketon was to send recruits to World War I from this part of the county.
1919 September - Wabash felt they might extend their electric line to Laketon.
1919 September - The Laketon mill was sold to Frank Olney of South Bend. He moved the machinery to South Bend and the building was wrecked.
1919-1920 Old Town Hall was moved from behind the old school to the new school and put behind the gymnasium.
1920 Laketon had a "Boy Prodigy" - Joseph Stockton, twelve years old and teaching French.
1920 Paul Rooney drowned in Long Lake due to a storm; it took two days to find the body.
1920 Part of Laketon streets were asphalted.
1920 Calvin O'Hara was hit by Erie train at depot and died from the injuries.
1923 Closing of the Ijamsville Post Office.
1924 October 16 - Pumps were idle at Standard Oil Station.
1924 October 30 - Laketon got electric lights.
1925 April 12 - Laketon Bank was robbed.
1925 November 9 - Farmers Elevator at Laketon put up for sale after having gone into receivership.
1925 December 21 - Elevator sold to Arthur De Lauter, Lyman and George Metzger.
1926 Laketon streets asphalted and crushed rock put on; Shirley Mylin did the work.
1926  March 26 - L.O. Wertenberger sold the hardware to Robert Fulton and Howard Rager.
1926 Ulrey's Landing opened at Long Lake.
1928 Sunrise Dairies started.
1929 First addition to Laketon school house.
1929 Laketon Garage sold and moved to site where Devon Ogden lived.
1929 James L. Smith built the present Laketon garage.
1930 Laketon Bank closed.
1930 Joe West store robbed, but got money back.
1930-31 James L. Smith built the home where Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ohmart lived
1931 Jesse Trickle Sr. hit by car near the Dennis Briner home and was killed.
1931 James L. Smith built the garage next to the house. This was used as a garage for several years by different men for repair business.
1933 No more mail route out of Laketon.
1933 Laketon Conservation Club organized.
1935 Conservation Club bought lot on Round Lake to build club house.
1936 Laketon was 100 years old.
1936 Laketon's last doctor left.
1936 Three people murdered west of Laketon.
1937 Laketon has a big "Homecoming."
1937 Conservation clubhouse was completed.
1938 Harry Rager bought the Bussard school and tore it down, cleaned the bricks and started to build his home.
1938 Ralph Vories married Marjorie Wertenberger and about this time became partner of L.O. Wertenberger.
1940 Harry Rager's home was completed and moved into.
1943 John Moyer took over the Laketon Nursery.
1943 Harley and Lilly Pence moved to the farm. Raymond and Mae, with their family, took over the store.
1944 Samuel Moubary, 16, drowned in Long Lake.
1944 E.E. Clingenpeel bought the Macabbee Hall and tore it down.
1945 Laketon Marl and Gravel Company was organized.
1945 E.E. Clingenpeel took the top story off of the old hotel making it one story.
1946 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Swygart took over Ulrey's Landing.
1946 This was the last year the ice house was filled.
1946 Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ohmart and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ireland bought the Sunrise Dairies.
1946 Laketon American Legion Post 402 was organized.
1946 Ed Tyner sold the drugstore to Joe Carroll.
1947 Arden Miller started his upholstery business.
1947 Laketon American Legion Auxiliary Post 402 was organized.
1948 United Brethren Church remodeled their building.
1949 Wesleyan Methodist Church was heavily damaged by fire.
1950 Post office moved into its own building.
1950 Arlie Henry sold to Albert Sims.
1950 D&M Machine Shop opened.
1951 Laketon Lion's Club was organized.
1951 Laketon covered bridge closed for repair.
1955 Joe West closed his store due to health and age.
1956 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sims closed the grocery store due to the supermarkets.
1956 The covered bridge was removed and replaced by a concrete bridge.
1956 Mr. Sol Bronstein bought the Buckeye Pumping Station.
1956 Waltz Construction company came to Laketon.
1957 Pierceton Trucking Company moved to Laketon.
1958 The second addition to the school building.
1959 Last school alumni gathering held.
1960 Laketon started their fight to keep the high school.
1960 Albert Sims Printing Shop opened.
1961 Robert Cook killed his mother, Mary Cook.
1962 Last year Laketon had a high school and the last graduation.
1963 Alford's Implement Sales came to Laketon.
1963 Last barber shop was closed.
1964 Dr. La Salle bought Overmyers Egg house.
1968 Sunrise Dairies closed.
1968 Arden Miller reopened his upholstery business.
1969 Laketon Elevator has a very costly fire.
1969 Laketon Elevator closed.
1972 Last grocery store was closed by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pence.
1972 John Moyer closed the Laketon Nursery and sold it.
1972 Poston's Pantry opened.
1972 Calf Start Inc. was started.
1973 Allen Blocher moved his trucking business to Laketon.
1973 Voris Sign business came to Laketon
1974 Calf Start Inc. moved from the elevator to present site.
1975 Harvey's Bait house opened.
1976 Price's Body Shop opened.
1976 Laketon was 140 years old.