Research Update: Several of John Comstock's children attended school at Lima, New York, during the 1840s and 1850s. William Comstock's diaries were recently donated to the Center for History; these diaries are being transcribed by John and Bea Knarr. Additional information will be posted here in the future.

Source: NMHS Newsletter, September 2008


In 1853, Jane Comstock was attending school in Lima, Ohio [sic--the school was in Lima, south of Rochester, NEW YORK]. Information about the school is not clear. In March of 1853 she began a journey home to North Manchester. Here is her description: ( No corrections were made to the original text.)

Thursday March 17, 1853

This morning William and I started for home about six. After we had been in the cars a little while Professor DePuy came in. I was very glad to see him. I had not seen him for some time previous to this he wanted to buy my canary birds.

Friday March 18, 1853

This evening about four we arrived in Goshen and started from there about five to go to Millford arrived at Millford about 10. They had a dance there the night that we were there we did not have to be in room that they were. We got in company with Mr. Mineer just from California. I was very glad to ( see?)anyone that lived near our house that I ever saw before that is all.

Saturday March 19, 1853

This morning we started from Millford to Warsaw got there a little after eleven got our dinner and changed trains and driver started for home got there about seven in the evening.

Sabbath March 20, 1853

This has been a very pleasant day. I went over to prayer meeting this afternoon. At eleven we had a very good meeting last night. I staid over at Rosses it seems very natural to be at home.

Monday March 21, 1853

I have enjoyed myself very well today. This forenoon I churned it took a good while for the butter to come but it came after awhile. I have been out in the garden looking around to see what everything looks like. All things appear to be very nearly the same.

Tuesday March 22, 1853

Last night at or this morning at one Father and Thomas came home. When Father came I got up made a bed by the fire in the kitchen and slept very comfortably. This morning Thomas came over to see us. This afternoon I went up to Anna's rode Jim found them all well. Emma Jane was very glad to see me she knew me I did not think she would William Henry also knew me as soon as he saw me. I intend to stay all night here.

Wednesday March 23, 1853

This has been quite a cold day. I came down from Anna's about twelve stopped at Sarah's awhile by that time Anna and John came along. I took John and brought him over. Anna staid here the afternoon. John came after her in the evening. Father went to Fort Wayne this morning. Brother Thomas was here to tea this evening. Elisabeth was here a little while yesterday. No more.

Thursday March 24, 1853

This has been quite a pleasant looking day. Mother and William have gone to Uncle Ichabods. We have no men working for us now but one. He is a Dutchman we call him Jake. He is high Dutch. Jimmy is halling wood here today. I went over to help Sister Sarah awhile this morning.

Friday March 25, 1853

The weather has been moderate today. Aunt Mother and William went up to Fishers today. Charles staid with me. I went over to Rosses this morning awhile. Doctor Thomas was there. It rained some little this evening about dark or little after. ather has been away and come home this evening. He is away a great deal on account of his business.

Saturday April 9, 1853

We have had nothing particularly to do only house work. This evening I went over to Rosses. Mother went over to Johns this afternoon. Nancy Zimmerman was here afternoon.

Sabbath April 10, 1853

This has been quite a pleasant day. This evening I went over to Presbyterian meeting. This evening we had a very good meeting. Minister from Wabash he is hired to preach here every four weeks. The text was God is love I thought he handled his text very well. This is the first time I heard him preach. No more at present.

Monday April ll, 1853

We had visitors the two Mrs. Johnsons two sisters and their children. We had a very pleasant time. Elisabeth came home this morning from Manchester. W. Thorn brought her up in a buggy.

Tuesday April 12, 1853

This is a very cloudy looking day. Mother has been over to see the girls this morning. I have written a page with a fantastic gold pen. No more at present.

Wednesday April 13, 1853

This has been a rainy day and cloudy. I have enjoyed myself very well and feel about right. Mother has been away today. No more.

Thursday April 14, 1853

Yesterday it hailed and we had the largest hail I ever saw it broke the lights out of several windows. This evening I went over to Elisabeths a little while and Rosses a little while. I had quite a pleasant time. Thomas had not yet got home. Elisabeth and Adrena Thom came part of the way home with me.

Friday April 15, 1853

This day I have done up about as much thinking as I have in one day lately that I think is considerable. I took a walk down through the orchard today and I think we are going to have some fruit if the frost does not take it yet I hope we will. I did not get up very early this morning. Mother has made her apron today. I am now seated by the kitchen table writing in my journal.

Saturday April 16, 1853

This morning Mother started up to Mrs. Gambals. This has been a very pleasant day. I have enjoyed myself well. This evening Doctor Henly came over to spend the evening with us. I was very glad to see him as he has doctored me a great many times when I was sick. I am always glad to see anyone that has doctored me as one who has been my teacher. This morning I went over to the store and went into Mecreas got a little edging put a letter in the Office this morning for Henry. No more at present.

Sabbath April 17, 1853

I went over to meeting this morning at eleven. Brother Smith preached we had a very good sermon but I thought we had a better Class meeting the text was about Mary and Martha. Martha said unto Jesus why should I serve alone but Jesus said Martha thou are careful and troubled about many things but there is one thing needful and Mary hath chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from her. This evening there was preaching by one of the Newallites (New lights) I did not go over. Father went and I kept house.

Monday April 18, 1853

Nothing more than common has passed today to my knowledge. Mother has come home. Thomas came over this evening and wanted me to go over and eat some I went and it was burned badly quite a game.

Tuesday April 19, 1853

This has been so far a rainy unpleasant looking day. We have some chickens in the house which keep up a perpetual singing and they sing such pretty tunes too. We received a letter today from Henry all well.