Source: News-Journal, April 29, 1937


The covered bridge at Liberty Mills may be strengthened by abutments in the middle of the structure some time this summer. It is the plan to build two large tubular piers in the middle of the span, one under each stringer. When this plan was considered several years ago, some engineers said it would cause the bridge to collapse. The theory was the bridge, being built suspension type, and having allowance for a certain amount of vibration and give, would not support heavy weights if anchored in the center. Since then supports have been built under other suspension bridges to take care of the increasingly heavy truck loads, and it is claimed the added support made the bridges safer. Heavy loads are hauled over the Liberty Mills bridge especially loads of live stock. General truck loads are also much heavier than a few years ago, and while the bridge is not considered unsafe, the county commissioners are of the opinion additional support is needed.