Source: NMHS Newsletter, November 2003

Collamer Grist Mill Falls Down

The old grist mill at Collamer collapsed with a loud crash Saturday afternoon when the supporting beams gave way. Much of the debris of the building fell in the mill race. Isaac Snyder and his son had been in the building a short time before, removing some machinery. Also the old building was used by boys as a dressing room when they went swimming but no one was in the building when it collapsed.

It was a five story structure erected in 1845 by Elias Miller. For many years it was a distinct asset to that community for grist mills were scarce and many of the earlier pioneers were two or three days journey from flour mills. Henry Wolfe operated the mill for a time and later Sam Cummins and John Roush. In later years, Henry Hauptmeyer acquired the property and is the present owner. He discontinued milling a number of years ago and turned the water power to generating electricity. He extended a line to Sidney and operated it for a few years, but with little success for the water power was not sufficient to meet the demands for electricity, and the business was discontinued.

News-Journal May 24, 1934