Source: Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel, Sat. January 15, 1949 [with photos]

George The Mascot of Main Street

Main Street in North Manchester is "home" to George, a big friendly, long-haired stray dog. Arriving in February or March of 1947 the dog appeared in the business section with what appeared to be scald wounds and a fear of women. He was taken to the house of Joe Urschel, vice-president of the bank, where he was nursed back to health.

Miss Jo Joyce Urschel named him "George" for a nurse who had aided her after her auto accident. In the summer of that year, the recovered George moved to Main Street.

Because of his growing blindness, the merchants try to keep him on the south side of the street as much as possible.

Photo caption: Abandoned as too old, and growing blind in one eye, George has captured the heart of Main Street.
Photo caption: Druggist Harold Marks is one of his friends.
Photo caption: George loves ice cream and Louis Longo never refuses when the old fellow begs.
Photo caption: Joe Urschel, left, befriended George upon his arrival in town. The bank is now a favorite hangout. Ad Urschel is president.
Photo caption: George is the oldest N. Manchester friend of Frank Ryan, barber. Ryan found George on his doorstep when he arrived in town.
Photo caption: When George moved to Main St., the Stuckey Garage was a favorite haunt. The Stuckeys brought milk to him from their farm.
Photo caption: Then came the rabies scare! Richard Hornaday bought him a collar. Mike Stuckey "passed the hat" to buy him a license.
Photo caption: George was taken off the street by Mrs. D.C. Hayden, a clerk, who tied him in her apartment. Veterinarian John Wright vaccinated the town's pet.
Photo caption: People say George smiled when the quarantine ended and he returned to Main St. (Marshall Theater).
Photo caption: During his 30 days "in jail" friends sent him food. Included were bones from Faurots.
Photo caption: With the zest of one back from a long vacation, George called on friends up and down the street, including those in the fire department.
Photo caption: The warmest spot in his heart is reserved for the children, whom he permits to ride on his back.
Photo caption: As far as dogs go, his best friend is Oscar from the lumber company.