Source: North Manchester Journal, January 12, 1888

It is known to a few in town that Baker, the patentee of a wind engine of which he has manufactured a few in this place and finds ready sale for, is looking for some place to locate permanently. It may be well for our citizens to look into this matter further.

Source: North Manchester Journal, November 7, 1889

Marion Swank, an inventive genius of this place, has got up a folding bath tub. Those who have seen his model think that it is a good thing. Two gentlemen [Alfred C. Cosner and Jonas Grossnickle] of this place have taken an interest in it, applied for a patent and arranged for the manufacture of a few sample tubs at the Excelsior works. This is Swank's second invention, a broad cast seeder now having a wide sale being the first.

Source: North Manchester Journal, October 9 and November 27, 1890

Dr. H.E. Misener, of Servia, is the inventor of a smokeless gunpowder. In appearance it is very much like coffee with sugar. Mr. Misener has associated J.S. Andrews with him in the manufacture of the powder and they are pushing it on the market.

...A man from North Manchester is organizing a stock company to manufacture smokeless powder. He proposes to start up in Peru, and the local press is giving him much encouragement. Peru is bound to boom.

The foregoing paragraph is taken from the Marion Chronicle, and upon investigation we find that the parties referred to are Messrs. J.S. Andrews and Dr. H.E. Misener, of whose invention the Journal has made mention in the past. Mr. Andres tells us that they think almost certainly that they will establish their business in Peru and that that city has offered them substantial inducements, though he did not say what they were. These gentlemen are well known residents here and the Journal is at a loss to know just why they are allowed to go elsewhere for the establishment of this new industry when it has been understood that North Manchester wants to encourage manufacturing enterprises of all kinds. Some time since "Board of Trade" was organized here for the purpose of developing all public interests, but really but little has ever been done. Of late a languid effort has been made to secure a pottery factory, but what does it profit the town if it gain an outside enterprise and lose one from among its own citizens? Surely the business referred to in the beginning of this article is of some advantage to the community. At least the Peru people think it of enough importance to offer inducements for its location there. We do not know what the business may require but we see no reason why it could not be as successfully conducted here as any other place or why it is not as valuable to this place as Peru. If this place really wants to encourage manufacturing enterprise here is a good opportunity to show it.

Source: North Manchester Journal, December 8, 1898

Marion Swank, the inventor of the bath tub that was manufactured here so largely for a time a few years ago, has just completed two book cases that are marvels in the combination of secret drawers, a writing desk, a looking glass and other novel features. They are finished in antique oak, highly polished and are ornamental as well as useful.

Source: North Manchester Journal, August 10, 1905

A patent was granted in Washington last week to William Dickey, of this city, for a mould for plastic articles. The mould is used in making cement fence posts.