Source: North Manchester Journal, December 2, 1880

Temperance petitions are in circulation in this township, and are being rapidly signed by the better class and the well wishing people of this community, legal voters, to be presented to our State legislature at their first meeting in January.

Source: North Manchester Journal, May 23, 1889

The Murphy temperance meetings held in the Grand Army hall last week by Capt. W.H. Whelan and wife closed Sunday evening having been quite successful. A large number signed the pledge and donned the blue ribbon and on Sunday evening a society was organized under the name of the Temperance Lyceum. The following officers were elected: P.H. Bolinger, president; Mrs. J.S. Andrews, vice-president; Shelby Sexton, secretary; Mrs. J.C. Ellwood, treasurer. A meeting will be held this week for final and more complete organization. Capt. Whelan and wife left on Monday for Columbia City, where they had been invited to hold a ten days meeting, and began their work that evening. Capt. Whelan is an earnest worker in the cause of Temperance and does much good wherever he goes. He is a genial and pleasant gentleman who never fails to make friends and converts. He told us that his stay in this city will be remembered with many pleasant associations.