Source: North Manchester Journal, February 8, 1883

The postoffice at this place has been raised from a fourth to a third class office. It is now a Presidential office, and Mr. Wallace, our accommodating post master, received his commission, last week, bearing the signature of Chester A. Arthur.

Source: News-Journal, January 13, 1936


The corner stone for the new post office building was laid this afternoon as work commenced on the walls. There were no ceremonies but the stone was hollowed out enough to store copies of the News-Journal telling of the various steps in getting the building started. This included the selection of the site, the type of building that would be built, the various delays that were occasioned when the NRA was declared unconstitutional, and other delays caused by changes in plans. When the building is completed, a formal dedication is planned by John Isenbarger, post master.

The building will be of brick, trimmed with Bedford stone, and the roof and floor will be of tile. In the general plan the entrance and lobby will be to the south, with the mailing department in the north part of the building and a loading and unloading place at the rear or north side of the building. There will also be an entrance on the west side to a large room in the basement. It was this change in plans that caused work to stop before it was well started last fall. 


Name Title Date Appointed
William Willis Postmaster 10/06/1838
Asa Beauchamp Postmaster 11/14/1839
Mahlon C. Frame Postmaster 11/30/1840
Jesse Davies Postmaster 08/18/1843
Amos Barlow Postmaster 02/04/1846
John Aughinbaugh Postmaster 11/02/1846
Otis B. Holman Postmaster 10/01/1849
William Frame Postmaster 01/09/1850
John Aughinbaugh Postmaster 11/11/1851
Wyatt C. Kitchen Postmaster 02/10/1853
Daniel M. Marshall [Father of Thomas Riley Marshall] Postmaster 06/11/1853
Joseph C. Marshall [Uncle of Thomas Riley Marshall] Postmaster 11/10/1856
Milborn S. Marshall [Uncle of Thomas Riley Marshall] Postmaster 04/12/1858
David Frame Postmaster 05/04/1864
Joseph K. Lautzenhiser Postmaster 05/22/1865
William F. Daily Postmaster 03/19/1868
James Wallace Postmaster 04/16/1880
Shelby Sexton Postmaster 05/21/1884
Daniel W. Krisher Postmaster 06/16/1885
Russell R. Leonard Postmaster 06/18/1889
Samuel M. McCutchen Postmaster 09/28/1893
Lewis Signs Postmaster 06/22/1897
George R. Craft Postmaster 03/01/1901
Jonas Grossnickle Postmaster 07/30/1904
Edwin L. Lautzenheiser Postmaster 06/14/1909
Charles Wright Postmaster 07/10/1913
Calvin Ulrey Postmaster 07/17/1922
Charles H. Olinger Postmaster 02/25/1931
John Isenbarger Postmaster 07/10/1935
Ralph W. Wright Postmaster 12/17/1941
Clifford H. Shanahan Acting Postmaster 12/29/1964
Clifford H. Shanahan Postmaster 07/26/1965
Robert J. Deford Officer-In-Charge 12/31/1974
Homer M. Clevenger Postmaster 04/26/1975
David B. Eckelbarger Postmaster 06/27/1981
Robert Peck Officer-In-Charge
Roger D. Staley Postmaster 01/31/1987
Karen G. Wolf Officer-In-Charge 01/02/2003
Karen G. Wolf Postmaster 04/05/2003
Pamela S. Ford Officer-In-Charge 03/14/2006
Pamela S. Ford Postmaster 03/31/2007