Source: NMHS Newsletter, May 1998

A Winger Story: Getting Ready for College
by Otho Winger in Memories of Manchester p. 18

About the close of my country school I came to North Manchester to do some trading. I went to the Lawrence Clothing Store, where Rev. A.L. Wright was one of the clerks. I purchased a suit of clothes, and then Rev. Wright proposed that I should buy an overcoat, saying they were selling at that time for much less than they would be in the fall. So I purchased one. Then I went to the college and got very much interested in the college bookstore, where I purchased a number of books. I did not notice my money was getting low until I looked at my change and found I had fifty-six cents left. It would cost me forty cents to buy my ticket back to LaFontaine; and I owed twenty-five cents there at the livery barn where I had left the horse and buggy for the day. Though I was a stranger, I might have borrowed a quarter to save myself any difficulty; but I thought I could do it another way, so I packed the new clothing I had purchased and the books and started down the railroad track for Urbana. I walked that distance of six or seven miles, beat the passenger train to the station, purchased my ticket and saved ten cents by walking that distance. When I reached LaFontaine, I had money to pay for the keep of my horse that day and had one cent left. This I contributed to Sunday school the next morning. I mention this because my good friend, Billings, used to tell this story now and then in the News- Journal. This is the basis of the story which he printed.