Source: Wabash Tribune, December 14, 1865

OBITUARY, Masonic Notice.

Hall of Wabash Chapter, No. 26, R.A.M., Wabash, Ind., Dec. 1, 1865

The committee to whom was referred the drafting of Resolutions expressive of the feelings of the Chapter in reference to the death of Companion Henry Lantz, reported, the following which were unanimously adopted, to-wit:

WHEREAS:  It has pleased our Most Excellent Grand High Priest above to remove from this chapter our beloved Companion Henry Lantz who departed this life on Saturday the 18th day of November, A.D. 1865. And

WHEREAS: While we are called to mourn the loss of one of our best members, we have great reasons to be thankful to Almighty God for the protecting care he has exercised over us. Therefore;

Resolved, That in this dispensation of Divine Providence, we are again reminded "that in the midst of life we are in death" -- and that inasmuch as we have been the recipients of so many favors from the hands of the Grand Architect, we pledge ourselves anew to so live and act, that when called upon to take our departure, we may have our work squared and polished -- that like our deceased Companion it may bear the test of the Master Overseer.

Resolved, That while we deeply sympathize with the wife and children in this their bereavement, we can but extend to them our warmest condolence; feeling that they have lost a christian husband, a kind and affectionate father, and the country one of its best citizens, and as a token of respect, we clothe this Chapter in mourning, and that each companion be required to wear the usual badge of mourning for the space of thirty days.

Resolved, That the Secretary be instructed to furnish a copy of the foregoing proceedings to the widow of the deceased. Also a copy to each of the papers of this place, requesting publication.

E.B. Thomas, E.G. Sackett, N.D. Myers/Committee