Source: Columbia City Weekly Commercial, December 12, 1894


After a brief illness Mrs. Martha A. Marshall passed away yesterday evening at about 8 o'clock. Funeral services will be held at the house on Wednesday morning and the body will be taken to Marion and placed in the family vault.

Source: Columbia City Commercial, December 19, 1894

THE BURIAL, Of the Late Mrs. D.M. Marshall.

The funeral services were conducted at the family residence this morning by Rev. Thornberry and at ten o'clock the funeral train departed for Marion where the remains of a loving mother will be laid to rest. We were able to secure the names of the following persons who accompanied the train: The only son of the deceased, Hon. T. R. Marshall, Rev. Thornberry, Mrs. Judge Olds, of Chicago; Mrs. E.A. Rouch, Mrs. Richard Collins, Mrs. Chas. Barber, Mrs. Judge Adair, Mrs. Click, Mrs. hunter, Mrs. A.A. Adams; Mrs. Jas. Barnes, Mrs. Jay McCracken, Messrs. and Mesdames Geo. Meely, Dan Myers, C.D. Waidlich, I.B. Rush, J.A. Ruch, D.B. Clugston, A.F. martin, A. Hilbert, Merritte Hughes, L. Krause, John Golden, Lee Dare, John Lynch, John Mosher, P.H. Clugston, A.D. Firestone, A.B. Clugston, S.P. Kisler, John Reed, Walter Tyree, S.J. Elliott, James Stickley, John Adams, Val. Brown, John McNabb, I.W. Leonard, S.J. Peabody, Misses DeMaris and Margaret Rush, Mary Raber, Altha Dunfee, Minnie Miller, Lizzie Wunderlich, Mary and Edith Ale and Samantha Bower; Messrs. Henry Snyder, C.J. Eyanson, Stephen Eyanson, Geo. Pontius, W.H. Magley, Walter McLallen, G.M. Naber, Dr. Webster. The pall-bearers were John Reed, Walter Tyree, Val Brown, John McNabb, A.R. Clugston and S.P. Kaler. The train consisted of one baggage car and two coaches and was in the hands of Conductor Benedict. It left this city over the Pittsburgh and at Warsaw was transferred to Big Four. The train will return to this place at about six this evening.