Source: Weekly Intelligencer, March 17, 1864

DIED -- In Pierceton, Kosciusko county, Indiana, March 2nd, 1864, RILEY MARSHALL, in the 66th year of his age.

Father Marshall was a resident of Wabash county for about ten years, at one time, and wherever he has lived, he has been favorably known as a man of unbending moral integrity. Honest and correct in his dealings with his fellow man, and never indulging in profane language or intoxicating liquors. He usually enjoyed good health, and when attacked with him last illness, informed his family that in his opinion he would not recover and that he would linger about three months, which impression proved to be the fact; and though he lingered so long, he never complained of sickness or pain -- and on the 2d day of the present month the wearied wherein of life stood still, and he sank peacefully into the embrace of death. During his tedious confinement to his room and dying bed, his mind was unclouded, and his soul perfectly resigned to the will of his Heavenly Father, and he died in full hope (through the intercessions of our Lord Jesus Christ) of a happy home in that land "where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are forever at rest."