Source: Anti-Slavery Bugle (Lisbon OH), May 28, 1853, p. 3, OBITUARY:

DIED, of Consumption, at her residence near North Manchester, Indiana, on the 14th of May, 1853, SARAH JANE LOWMAN, wife of Clark Lowman, formerly of Clark Co., Ohio, in the 30th year of her age.

In the departure of our sister from this scene of action the slave has lost a warm friend, her children an affectionate mother, and her husband a devoted wife.

But it is not for her that they should mourn; she had "set her house in order," and consequently calmly awaited the summons that should bear her happy spirit to the mansions of eternal progression.

But the earthly form is gone, and while her bereaved friends feel the void that is left in their circle, let them evince their regard for her memory by renewedly devoting themselves to the prosecution of the great truths in which she was interested, ever bearing in mind that her angel spirit though unseen by human eyes, will still be near to beckon them onward and upward to her blissful home, so beautifully described in the following lines:

"Afar from all these scenes of strive,
Unbounded glories rise,
And realms of joy and pure delight,
Unseen by mortal eyes.

Fair spirit land! could mortal eyes
But half its charms explore,
How would our spirits long to rise,
And dwell on earth no more.

Behold, behold the countless throng,
Arrayed in robes of spotless white,
they sing in joy the thrilling song.
And walk redeemed in love and light.

Oh, may we here in heart and tongue,
United with that glad choir above,
And sing the everlasting song,
Of glory to the Fount of Love."