Source: News-Journal, July 15, 1946


The magic in the name "nylon" still holds its appeal with the women, two thousand of whom (and a few men) lined up for a one-evening sale last Wednesday at Oppenheim's. Only one announcement was necessary and when the store opened at 7:00 p.m. the line already had extended, three and four deep, from the entrance east to Walnut street and a half block north on Walnut. In the dry goods side of the store the usual stock had been removed from the shelves to make room for the hosiery stock. A separate section was set up for each hosiery size with a large sign indicating the size. The ladies received their hose, one pair to a customer, and then filed passed Ben Oppenheim who presided at the cash register with a wide smile. The occasion was the 71st anniversary of Mr. Oppenheim's connection with the store. He had used that fact as an argument with all his wholesaler friends during the past few weeks to get a special allowance of nylons and by the date of the sale had accumulated more than 2,000 pairs. No other department of the store was opened and no other merchandise was sold. By 9:15 the last customer was served and the more than 2,000 pairs of nylons were gone, together with nearly 300 pairs of rayons.

Oppenheim Nylon Hosiery Sale-1946