The Original Entry of Purchase of the Fractional Northeast quarter of Section #5, in Township #29 North of Range #7 East, containing 59.75 acres in Wabash County, Indiana, was made by Peter Ogan, October 12, 1835, as shown by the record entry thereof at page 182 of Tract Book in the office of the Recorder of Wabash County, Indiana.

Plat of Section #5, Township #29 North of Range #7 East as taken from Page 447 of Surveyor’s Record #2 in the office of the Surveyor of Wabash County, Indiana: 

On Pages 227 and 228 of Deed Record #53 in the office of the Recorder, Wabash County, Indiana, appears the following Certified Copy of Patent:


The United States of America                     Certificate No. 5720

Whereas, Peter Ogan of Wabash County, Indiana has deposited in the General Land Office, of the United States, a certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Fort Wayne whereby it appears that full payment has been made by the said Peter Ogan, according to the provisions of the act of congress of the 24th of April 1820 entitled An Act making further provision for the sale of the Public Lands for the lot or fraction of the Northeast quarter (North Eel River) of Section #5, in Township #29 North of Range #7 East in the District of Lands subject to sale at Fort Wayne, Indiana, containing 59.75 acres according to the official plat of the survey of the said lands, returned to the General Land Office by the Surveyor General, which said tract has been purchased by the said Peter Ogan. Now know ye, that the United States of America, in consideration of the premises, and in conformity with the several Acts of Congress in such case made and provided have given and granted, and by these presents do give and grant unto the said Peter Ogan and to his heirs the said tract above described; to have and to hold the same together with all the rights, privileges, immunities, and appurtenances, of whatsoever nature, thereunto belonging unto the said Peter Ogan and to his heirs and assigns forever.

In testimony whereof I, Martin Van Buren, President of the United States of America, have caused these letters to be made Patent, and the seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed.

Given under my hand, at the City of Washington, the 30th day of March, 1837 and of the Independence of the United States the 61st.

By the President
Martin Van Buren
By A. Van Buren, Secretary


At page 205 of Volume “A” of the Deed Records of Wabash County, Indiana, appears the record of a plat and description, designated as the Town of Manchester, which plat and description was subsequently (June 2, 1852) transferred to Page 2 of Plat Book “I” and also subsequently (May 23, 1877) transferred to Page 88 of Plat Book Volume #2. The plat and description:

New Plat of the Town of Manchester

Manchester is situated in Wabash County, at the Great Bend of Eel River on the Lagro and Goshen State Road.


The Lots are 4 ¾ perches wide by 9 ½ long, except the franctional ones. The marks along the Bluff of the river made thus (3) indicate springs running into the river. Lot #1 begins at the end of a line drawn South 28 perches and 23 links; thence East 20 perches from the quarter post on the North side of Section #5, in Township #29 North of Range #7 East of the principal meridian.

The streets North of the Mill Race run North and South or East and West; those South of it form an angle of 46 degrees with those North.

January 4, 1837                                                 J.L. Tomlinson, Surveyor of Fulton County

Be it remembered that on this day the 13th day of February 1837, personally came before me the undersigned Recorder of said County, Peter Ogan proprietor of the within named town and voluntarily acknowledged the within described plat of the said town for the uses and purposes therein described and mentioned.

In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

Willard Steele
R.W.C.  (Seal)