Press Release: Miller Barn & Farm Implements at CFH, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, April 2, 2010

You are invited to a special program at our local museum, the Center for History, in the old Oppenheim building on Main Street.
You have heard before about the "Miller Collection of Farm Artifacts".  This is a large collection of farm machinery and all sorts of items common on the farm for about 150 years.  Harold Miller and his family lived on this farm (on Beckley St.  a mile north of SR 13) for about four generations, some going back to 1850 or so.  Harold Miller salvaged and saved a great many of these objects on his farm.  He collected them in a special room in his barn, which he called his museum.  After the death of Harold and his wife, Eleanor, the family decided to give this entire collection (pluse a number of valuable historical artifacts from the house) to the North Manchester Historical Society.   We have catalogued around 1,200 artifacts from this collection. 
We have remodeled a special room in the museum for display of most of the farm artifacts.  Owen Sommers and other volunteers have remodeled this room to resemble the inside of a barn, complete with hay mow.  Steve Batzka and others have painted the inside a mottled red and gray color to resemble weather beaten siding.  Nancy, Joyce and others have arranged the artifacts in a perfectly delightful way.  My own feeling is that this is as fine a specialized exhibit as can be found in any small museum in Indiana.
On Friday, April 2, we will have a presentation and ribbon cutting ceremony for this special exhibit.  We will assemble at 10:00.  We plan to have photographers and news people there, as well as perhaps TV channel 21 from Fort Wayne.  There may be representatives from the Indiana Historical Society from Indianapolis.
You'all are very welcome and urged to be present for this significant occasion.  See you then.
Bill Eberly, President, North Manchester Historical Society