Press Release              Event Date:  October 9, 2017


For further information contact Mary Chrastil, 260-982-0672


The NM Historical Society Presents Program on Potawatomi Trail of Death


The North Manchester Historical Society’s October presents the video Like Birds in a Windstorm.  The 2016 video was produced by the Potawatomi Trail of Death Association of Rochester, Indiana.  The program will be held in the Assembly Room at Timbercrest Retirement Center, 2201 East Street, at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, October 9. 

The title Like Birds in a Windstorm comes from the Potawatomi description of their scattering and decimation when the U.S. government forced their removal in 1838 from northern Indiana.  Besides documenting that story, the video describes the modern caravan that descendants of tribe made to commemorate the event.  Their goal was to educate people about the event, speaking with current residents along the way.  They also created permanent markers placed at significant stages of the journey.  In doing so, they uncovered hidden histories and family memories, both of the Potawatomi and the others who witnessed the march.

The program is open to the public at no cost and will be enjoyable for audiences of all ages.  Learn about both the trail of death, and the activities of the current Potawatomie Nation.