Press Release


Grand Kankakee Marsh Video Available at NM Library


At the request of the North Manchester Historical Society, the North Manchester Public library has purchased for circulation the video “Everglades of the North:  The Story of the Grand Kankakee Marsh.”  This one-hour television documentary was the subject of a very popular NMHS program this summer; Numerous people asked the Historical Society if they had a video they could borrow.  In response to this demand, the Society has arranged for its purchase by the library.


The video explores the history and ecology of an area that was home to some of the highest concentrations of wildlife on the planet.  Presidents and royalty came there to hunt, and the marsh seemed to be an endless natural resource.  Today less than 5% of the wetlands have survived man’s advances.  This area is close by, starting south of South Bend and extending south and west toward the Illinois border.


The video has been aired on PBS stations in northwest Indiana, South Bend and the Chicago area.  It has been picked up for national distribution by over 20 states.  It is an important story about Indiana ecology.  The history of the marsh and what happened to it is absolutely fascinating.


The North Manchester Library is happy to serve its patrons in this way; they are responsive to requests from the community, especially for programs of local interest such as this one.