Stockdale Mill Program at the NM Historical Society


On Monday November 12 at 6:40 p.m., the North Manchester Historical Society will host James Watson and Peggy Morris, who will present a program on the Stockdale Mill in Roann.  The program will be held in the Assembly Room of Timbercrest Senior Living Community, 2201 East Street. 


Water power from Indiana’s rivers once operated over 2000 grist mills.  There were 13 on the Eel River alone.  The Stockdale Mill is one of the few remaining original water-powered flour mills in Indiana, and it’s a beauty.  Constructed in 1857, the 4-story tall mill has been reconstructed and operated under the direction of the Stockdale Mill Foundation since 2002.  The mill is an interesting topic both because of its history and because of the restoration it has undergone recently. 


James Watson has overseen the major part of the restoration and is well acquainted with the mill and its history.  He is a guide and helps maintain the mill, as well as serving as the current president of the Foundation.  Peggy Morris, who has lived close to the mill for 50 years, stopped by one day to see what was happening, got hooked, and has been involved ever since.  She serves as a mill hostess and docent, and has helped with various revitalization projects.   


The public is also invited to come to the Assembly Room at 6 p.m. for a meal prior to the meeting.  For those who wish to attend the dinner, reservations must be made no later than noon on Friday, November 9.  The cost of the meal is $7.50.  Reservations may be made by calling Mary at 260-982-1813 or Evelyn at 260-982-6777.  There is no cost for the program, which is free to the public.  All are welcome. 


For further information contact Mary Chrastil, 260-982-1813,