Source: NMHS Newsletter, May 1998

College Club of Over 500 Boosters
From The Manchester News
A little paper for busy people March 29, 1930

The booster button sale for Manchester college which was carried on Friday and Saturday morning resulted in a little more than five hundred buttons being sold. The buyers of these buttons become permanent members of a booster organization for Manchester college and the button is the outward sign of an inward desire to do all possible to make the school the very best school possible. With this organization as a working body the matter of raising needed funds for the college will go forward. The committee representing this five hundred members will meet tonight and will outline plans to carry forward the real financial campaign, for though the proceeds from the sale of the buttons applies to the credit of North Manchester on the college, yet the real campaign will have to be for bigger subscriptions than dollars. Already a number of big subscriptions have been received and the committee at its meeting tonight will make plans for carrying forward the subscription.

It is universally agreed that the college is a valuable asset to the town, and that there is not one piece of property here that is not more valuable because of the college being here. So in reality making a donation to the Manchester college is not a gift - it is only paying for financial benefits already received.