Source: The One-Room or District Schools in Wabash County (2004)


No. 1. Salem or Ridgley

No. 2. Moore on the Gilbert Moore farm

No. 3. Concord

No. 4. Barnes

No. 5. Baugher or McCutcheon

No. 6. Jordan near the W.S. Jordan farm

No. 7 Shepherd on the Robert Shepherd farm

No. 8. Daniels on the Payton Daniels farm

No. 9 Misener on the Jacob Misener farm

No. 10. New Madison or Servia

No. 11. Walters in the Walters neighborhood

No. 12. Heeter or Hidy

No. 13. Liberty Mills

No. 14. Blickenstaff on the John Blickenstaff place

No. 15. Krisher on the Rudolph Krisher farm

No. 16. Wood or Africa

No. 17. Pratts in the Pratt settlement

No. 18 Farley in the Farley neighborhood

No. 19. Miller on the John Miller farm

No. 20. Not located.

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