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North Manchester

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Source: NMHS Newsletter Nov 2002

Some Early Ordinances

Ordinance #3, 1874

Unlawful to engage in any game of chance or make any wager by which any money of other article of value may be lost or won. Unlawful to ride or drive any animal of the horse kind in the streets or alley faster than a moderate trot except in cases of necessity. Unlawful to make or allow any loud noise disorder or tumult to disturb peace and quiet of town or inhabitants. Unlawful to allow animals of horse kind standing in the streets or alley without hitching. Unlawful to be found in state of intoxication within city limits.

Ordinance # 4, 1874

Prohibited cattle from running at large on certain streets and alleys in town from Nov. 1st until April 1st between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on following streets: Main or First street, Second Street between Front and Sycamore, and on Front, Walnut, Market, Mill and Sycamore Streets between First and Second. Also alleys within these bounds.

Ordinance #6, 1875

No person shall throw into streets, alleys, public place, or Eel River any animal or vegetable substance which may become offensive or unhealthy. Any person possessing an animal dying within the town limits shall within 24 hours after death remove said animal out of corporate limits. If animal is not in possession of anyone at time of death, then Town Marshall is to cause same to be removed. Whenever Town Marshall is satisfied of existence of any nuisance whatever, he shall give notice to person and ask removal or abatement of such nuisance forthwith and if this fails to be done within 24 hours, the Marshall shall cause same to be removed at cost of person failing to do so. Able persons are required to keep privies and cellars clean and to keep their premises clear of pools of stagnant water and to remove


unclean, filthy or unhealthy substances whenever notified by Marshall. For each violation a fine of not more than $5.00 nor less than $1.00.

Ordinance # 7, 1875

First town tax and additional tax for paying interest on school bonds 25 cents on each poll and 15 cents on each $100. valuation. School bonds 50 cents each poll and 10 cents on each $l. valuation. Marshall to collect before October 1st, 1876 or declared delinquent. 10% attached to delinquent taxes by Treasurer and collected by Marshall within 30 days. Dog tax of $1.00 for 1876

Ordinance #12, 1876

Unlawful for owners of hogs, pigs, or shoats to allow them to run at large in streets, alleys, or public ground unless with rings in the nose to prevent them from rooting. Duty of Marshall to take up all animals found at large and hold them for payment of penalties. Must show proof of ownership and pay 40 cents per head plus cost of feed. Marshall shall keep 25 cents per head. In case animals held three days and not claimed they may be sold after proper notice given.

Ordinance #17, 1877

Making it necessary for downtown signs to be at least seven and one half feet above the sidewalk. subject to fine of $2.00 - $5.00. Same fine for not providing a light in the cellar ways of those businesses below the sidewalk. Unlawful to block the sidewalk with vehicle, boxes, barrels, furniture, other material or by hitching or tying any animal on any sidewalk except for loading and unloading purposes. Four feet of space next to building may be used for display purposes.

Ordinance #108, 1892

To restrain and regulate the keeping for hire of billiard tables, pool table or pigeon hole table

Ordinance #126, 1893

To Prohibit the depositing of coal or wood ashes, decayed vegetation or garbage in street or alleys or to obstruct streets or alleys with logs, lumber, wood boxes or material of any kind.

Ordinance #132, 1895

Prohibits the throwing of clubs, stone or other missiles along or across any street, alley or unenclosed lands within the town.



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